Lakers in 5

Did you see that monster block of Kobe against Keven Durant? It’s like Kobe taking little Kevin Durant to school. Take nothing away from Durant. What can i say? He’s talented and probably the youngest superstar in the league. Too sad for him, he’s up against arguably the best player in the game in the world right now – Kobe Bryant. Even with Kobe’s injury, he can still make 40 points in any given game. He can easily penetrate and break the offense like no else could. He creates scoring opportunities for his teammates and makes them look good in the court. But the Lakers is not only about Kobe, they have a pretty solid front court in Bynum, Artest and Gasol. Oh, I didn’t even mention Odom. Haha. Tell me, what other team has the same caliber as the Lakers’ roster? In Game 1, it was like Bynum did not come from an injury. He was like a man possessed creating baskets for his team. They have also strong players coming from the bench like Walton and Farmar. The inexperience of the Oklahoma-based squad is going against their advantage. They’re new to the post-season and this is where the Lakers will capitalize on. When they play their A game, they operate like a well-oiled machine scoring points like crazy. Plus, the first three games, I believe, will be played in the Staples Center so the Lakers has everything going for them. Perhaps, overconfidence and being complacent will make them lose but man, they’re not going to allow that. So as to my prediction, I say the Lakers will finish the first round series in five games. I’ll be happy to be proven wrong. (Cross fingers, I hope they win it in four games. Haha. 🙂

Phil Jackson diagrams a play with the Lakers in the huddle during a timeout.

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what I thought about The Bounty Hunter

First off, I know I’ve been hearing negative reviews about the movie from all over the net. Yes, I must admit it is not as romantic as Valentine’s Day, Leap Year or even the Proposal but surprisingly I liked it. The movie was just fun to watch and I thought it went beyond the level of a chick flick. Of course, it was bordering on that kind of category but there was more to it than the love story or should I say, love-hate relationship between Milo Boyd (Butler) and Nicole Hurley (Jennifer Aniston). There was actually a Mr. and Mrs. Smith feel to it since while the film progressed, the two main characters were on the process of solving a murder case.

Milo who plays a bounty hunter was out to arrest his ex-wife Nicole for failing to appear in court for some assault case and skipping bail. Nicole, on the other hand, who works as a reporter in some local newspaper got a scoop for an alleged suicide case and was about to meet her informer (they call it “snitch”) when all of a sudden the latter was kidnapped by a tall ruggedly looking man who turned out to be the antagonist in the entire story. Milo was able to get hold of Nicole to turn him in to the police but not after some failed attempts on escaping him. In the middle of all the escaping and fighting between the ex-couple, love started to rekindle or so I thought. One good quote from the movie was when Milo and Nicole were having dinner together where they also spent their honeymoon. Nicole said: “Life is about making mistakes”. Milo replied: And death is wishing you made a whole lot more”. Really makes sense. 🙂

To add, can i just say first that Gerard Butler is effin hot? He got me in the Ugly Truth as a love guru of some sorts and now again in this movie in his role as a bounty hunter. Take nothing away from Jennifer Aniston, too. She is astonishing as ever. No wonder she can get away with roles like the one she played in the movie and effectively play the part. I’m giving it a 7.

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she’s out of my league: a movie review

I didn’t expect I would have so much fun watching the movie. Truth is, I watched it twice. The movie was funny as expected, a little bit predictable but the good thing was it was not so cheesy but I found it really romantic and a feel-good film at that.

To give you a spoiler of the movie, here’s the story… She’s Out of My League is where average guy meets extraordinary girl. The guy Kirk works as a security personnel (more of a loser.. hehe) in the airport. He is “out of shape, not a college graduate” and was even dumped by her ex-girlfriend. The girl Molly, on the other hand, is a successful events planner who earns big bucks, a beautiful woman and she’s a lawyer too. In short, she’s every man’s dream girl. So, Molly in one of her travels left her Iphone in the airport and was found by Kirk. It all started there. At first, Kirk was apprehensive about the idea of Molly liking her not until the moment Molly asked him out for dinner. Kirk thought that Molly was just being grateful for having returned her phone. But damn, he was wrong – Molly was into him. They started going out. There was a couple of problems and issues in between like Kirk having a low self-esteem and thinking he was not good enough for her because Molly was too perfect. I’d leave the rest to you to figure out and watch the movie to know how they ended up together. Pretty funny, actually.

I have a couple of favorite scenes in the movie like how Stainer, Kirk’s friend who also works at the airport often discourages Kirk to pursue Molly was vital in the happy ending. He was so funny. Swear. I also liked Kirk’s family who says the F-word to each other just like it was just any other word. Another one I particularly like was when Molly went to Kirk’s house and met his whole family. They could not believe that Kirk their loser brother/son could date a gorgeous-looking girl. Their jaws dropped. Haha.

I particularly loved the movie because it told a simple story and left a simple lesson – two people can be together even if the other is out of his/her league. I’d give the movie an 8. :))

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ivan of pinoy big brother teen clash

he’s been in wowowee before, i think. he’s kinda cute. a lot of girls and even gays in facebook go gaga over him. does he have what it takes to survive pbb? we’ll see. so gwapo.

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